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(this has to be my favourite word in the running dictionary!!)


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I've been a bit quiet haven't I? And anyone who knows me will think that's a tad unusual!


Well, when I decided to embark on this year's Ealing Half Marathon I reckoned I'd try a new tack and figured it'd be better to say nothing rather than keep deriding my training efforts... so it's been radio silence.

However, I am 'training', in so much as I have been outdoors and run - and have run more than I did before.

I am continually trying to find my optimum running 'state' a process of trial and error.

So far I have discovered (and these might seem obvious to many but please bear with me, I'm still finding myself!)

1) Don't drink too much alcohol the night before (!!) or excess water ( in fear of dehydration!) before a (short) run.
2) Wear something lightweight
3) Get a decent pair of trainers


The weekly parkrun is a great opportunity to try and find different ways to make the whole running experience less of an ordeal, and is certainly one to be recommended for any first timers.

I've attempted the Saturday morning 5k walk/running, running, with and without listening to music as well as running alongside friends and also alone. The jury's still out on which I prefer and so I shall keep tweaking my 'training' until I find my ideal.

Somebody recently asked why I bothered running when I obviously struggled with it so much, and why didn't I just find an exercise which I was mentally (and physically) better equipped for.

Bizarrely ( because once I would have agreed with such sentiments) I actually began to stick up for myself and this chosen 'hobby' and actually heard myself utter the words  - 'I run so I'm a runner now!''

Wow! Who'd have thought it?!

If I can you can too - so if you are currently wavering, stop wavering and just do it sign up for EHM 2019 now - go on!!!

Annemarie Flanagan

16 May 2019


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