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Massive applause to everyone who took part in the London Marathon.

Whilst the elite are obviously remarkable and all incredible athletes, it's actually the 'ordinary' people that I am totally inspired by. The television coverage never fails to make me blub. So many stories, so much money raised, so many good causes.

Tracking various friends progress throughout the 26 miles on the London Marathon app was great - I wonder if it's something Ealing Half Marathon (EHM) could ever do?

Talking of which, if you felt even remotely moved by watching the tens of thousands in London now is the time to think about maybe donning your trainers or even volunteering here, in Ealing.

(EHM medal revealed for 2019 designed by Kevin Falvey)

The fantastic EHM takes place September 29th so plenty of time to train for it still. Also, helping out on this marvellous day is a great experience (and also gives you a free place for the following year).

My 'training' has started but so far been a little hit and miss as I'm trying to find what works and suits best. I haven't got a set routine as yet and there are always reasons ( and they aren't just excuses!) why I can't always just 'go for a run.' But I'm getting there. I am trying to do parkrun when possible and aiming to put another couple of runs in during the week.

I've realised I'm very good at putting myself down and talking negatively about my running battles (for eg I was just about to mention my lack of speed)... but I'm trying a new tack this time. So, I'm managing to run a bit further than I have done before.
I think I'm beginning to make progress.


Annemarie Flanagan

2nd May 2019


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