Blue/Orange at The Questors

Don't miss this fascinating play by Joe Penhall

(Photos: Robert Vass)


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Currently on in the Studio at The Questors theatre ( ending on Saturday 11 May) is a quite remarkable play with three equally remarkable stand-out actors.

Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall, first premiered at the National Theatre 19 years ago and subsequently went on to win a variety of awards and was made into BBC film.

This intimate production deals with the complex issue of mental health, specifically Schizophrenia and whether Christopher, a young black man who has exhibited some disturbing behaviours, should be diagnosed and sectioned and held in the unit for more time.

The senior consultant believes Christopher will be better off at home with “people who are just like him”. But is all as it seems? The ever overloaded NHS means resources like beds must be freed up.

It may sound 'heavy' but there are lots of moments of humour ( QPR fans described as zombies for eg!!) and the many light and shade elements are deftly directed by Roger Beaumont and sensitively performed by three performers who entranced a packed audience for the 3 acts.

Chukwudi Onwere as Christopher has immense charisma and a confident physical presence, and both Clare Purdy as the young concerned doctor who is sticking her neck out and going against the wishes of pompous consultant Robert, played by Adam Kimmel, match his energy and intention.

It's a fascinating play which, whilst seemingly focussing on the story of Christopher and his mental health, also makes you think and question many other issues including racism, sexism and the class system.

Gripped by such high calibre performances I forgot I was in my local ' amateur' theatre - a production which could easily be transferred to the West End, what a joy to have such quality on stage here in Ealing.

Overall Blue/Orange is a fascinating play, one to ponder and discuss well after it has finished.

Book now before it ends, you won't be disappointed.

Annemarie Flanagan

8 May 2019


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