Victory For South Ealing Locals Over 24-Hour Alcohol Sales

Planning committee reject application by TP Convenience Store


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A local supermarket on the South Ealing Road, which wanted to sell alcohol round the clock has been turned down.

tp convenience store - alcohol

TP Convenience Store on 142 South Ealing Road, applied to Ealing Council to extend its licence to sell alcohol for 24 hours. Local neighbours strongly objected against the application and petitioned the council.

Councillor David Millican, representing Northfield Ward said, '' I am so pleased that today Ealing Council’s Licensing Committee rejected the application for a 24-hour license from TP convenience shop 142 South Ealing Road. My colleagues, Fabio Conti, Theresa Mullins and I as ward councillors, all objected, with Theresa Mullins and I speaking in person at the committee.

''The Licensing Police Sergeant said that he had never known so many residents complain so vociferously, and the committee cited the strong feelings by local residents as one of the main reasons for their decision.

"At the meeting the Police said they were concerned that selling alcohol for 24 hours a day would add to the potential for anti-social behaviour, which echoed the views of of the 25 residents, who had written expressing their concerns, and the committee agreed with this.
Whilst it is important to support local businesses, selling alcohol round the clock would have been too much for the local community." 

In other boroughs in the area premise licensing notices are published on local web sites but Ealing Council do not currently accept the validity this means of drawing applications to the attention of residents and insist that they are only published in the local paper.

February 4th 2016

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